Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A lot has happened since last year's round-up of restaurant inspections. Most significantly (and sensationally), the rat scare at the West Village KFC-Taco Bell led the media to take closer looks at restaurant conditions and possibly precipitated a series of very tough inspections and closings from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene(DOHMH). In the short run, this will probably lead to healthier conditions and more accurate inspections in Big Apple restaurants, though don't expect insects and rodents to suddenly absent themselves from eateries or stay out of them over time.

Of course, the gluten-free are aware of a serious health concern that still seems to be of little or no concern to the DOHMH: Most New Yorkers with celiac disease don't know they have the condition and few restaurants have policies about providing or identifying gluten-free foods. The restaurants on this list are the exceptions--and they deserve credit for making the effort.

Despite the efforts of State Senator Jeff Klein to implement a letter-grade system, the rules are the same as last year: The lower the number score, the better the inspection, with a score of 28 or higher constituting a failing grade.

Topping the list with no violations at the moment are Outback Staten Island and the radically improved Risotteria. Getting a failing grade of 36 is Lumi Restaurant. I couldn't find listings for Gus's Place and Peters' Gourmet Diner & Bar. [UPDATE: I've now found Peters' under the name Artaki. I'm told the inspection for Gus' Place, which recently (re)opened in a new location, will occur later this year.]
00 08/17/06 Outback Steakhouse (Staten Island)
00 03/09/07 Risotteria (Manhattan)
02 05/18/06 Outback Steakhouse Chelsea (Manhattan)
03 08/17/06 Carrabba's (Staten Island)
06 05/16/06 Asia de Cuba (Manhattan)
08 01/24/06 Candle 79 (Manhattan)
09 03/14/07 Outback Steakhouse Queens Blvd. (Queens)
09 09/30/06 Outback Steakhouse Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
11 04/25/06 Peters' (Artaki) (Manhattan)
13 12/26/06 Bloom's Restaurant (Manhattan)
13 12/07/06 Outback Steakhouse Bell Blvd. (Queens)
16 01/30/07 Bistango Restaurant (Manhattan)
16 11/14/06 Tini (Lentini Restaurant) (Manhattan)
17 02/15/07 Tropica Bar & Seafood House (Manhattan)
26 05/17/06 Outback Steakhouse Third Ave. (Manhattan)
36 02/15/07 Lumi Restaurant (Manhattan)
For the most current DOH inspection records, click here.

GFRAP restaurants can be found here.