Sunday, March 04, 2007


I've gotten word about upcoming television coverage on CNN and ABC. This information is possibly subject to change, but it seems reliable enough to give you fair warning so that you can keep your eyes peeled and your TVs tuned.

The CNN coverage--tied to Friday night's Gluten-Free Cooking Spree--may air as early as Monday.

And you know how you've been wondering whether The View would follow up on its celiac coverage from January? Well, it looks like there will indeed be additional coverage--perhaps around the middle of March!

Photo: David Marc Fischer


Catherine said...

It was great to finally meet a fellow gluten free wahoo in person.

Kelly said...

Hey David! Saw you from afar last night, but we never met up amongst the sea of people. Hope to see you soon at the Paul Taylor event!

ellen said...

Everything offered at the gluten-free cooking spree was so utterly delicious. The big question is - will the represented restaurants now join GFRAP and offer us these goodies on a regular basis???