Monday, March 05, 2007


Yes, that's right: The ShopRite of Plainview, Long Island (Woodbury Road near South Oyster Bay Road; 516-938-0329), is carrying Lieber's Knaidel Mix for Passover. [UPDATE MARCH 26, 2007 I've also seen them at the Morton Village ShopRite, on Old Country Road in Plainview.] (As previously mentioned, Lieber's Knaidel Mix makes kosher, gluten-free potato dumplings that make very good substitutes for matzoh balls.) If going to Plainview means a big trip for you, call in advance to make sure the mix is still on the shelves.

Also in the area (along Manetto Hill Road): Fairway, Get Healthy America, and Dr. B. Well Naturally (8 Washington Avenue; 516-932-9355). Each has an well-curated stock of gluten-free foods.

Here's another kind of gf matzoh ball--the very hard kind.

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ByTheBay said...

Great news - I will post this over at AllergicJews

Anonymous said...

When is Passover? I will be out in Plainview in about 2 weeks so I will be sure to load up on the gluten-free Passover treats! If I don't make it out there, I will send my mom to ShopRite for me!

David Marc Fischer said...

I think the first evening is Monday, April 2.