Friday, March 30, 2007


As some of you might have noticed, I've jumped on the CafePress bandwagon by launching the Gluten-Free NYC Boutique, offering T-shirts, aprons, mousepads, and other goodies designed in coordination with Debbie Glasserman Design of Greenwich Village. Naturally, we hope you like them!

I think very highly of designer Debbie Glasserman--dig that gf alphabet!--but I have to admit that, even though we're friends, we've had some "disagreements" when it comes to pricing. Ultimately, though, I get to make those decisions because I'm the proprietor of the boutique. So expect to see prices that some might consider nutty!

Regardless of the pricing, a portion of the revenues will go to a gluten-free cause, where I hope it will have a good effect.

And now for a word from another person whose prices were considered insane.

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Anonymous said...

Great shirts and decent prices. You know how I feel about overpriced Celiac t-shirts. ;-)

P.S. I love the logo!! Look for my blog to advertise you soon!

David Marc Fischer said...

Thanks, Erin--very much appreciated!!