Friday, March 23, 2007


The other evening I returned to Gus' Place, and it was good.

The new Place is smaller and cozier than the old Place.

The new menu seems shorter...and I missed a couple of old dishes...but I was very satisfied with what my friend and I shared off the specially-labeled gluten-free menu. (However, as you shall see, my photos are not up to the standard set by the food.)

Soon after our seating, we were served a plate of lightly toasted millet bread with tzatziki.

Then it was time for an old favorite: the grilled octopus salad. If you try this, don't take the lemon for granted--the juice and oil make a delightfully tangy dressing!

For our main dishes we ordered two homey stews. The Clay Potted Chicken was succulent and well-accompanied by figs, apricots, toasted pine nuts, and creamy polenta.

The Kakavia, piled high with fish and seafood, was good to the last drop.

For dessert I asked about the fig and hazelnut ice creams and learned that they weren't available. (Maybe they'll return at some point.) So I simply had to console myself with another bright spot in the meal: a warmed-up slice of gluten-free chocolate cake balanced with whipped cream, a glass of tea, and a complimentary glass of Muscatel. Poor me!

Photos: David Marc Fischer


Anonymous said...

David, this sounds like a nice dinner. Glad you enjoyed it. Do you think it is big enough for a meetup?

Aimless Writer said...

Great post. I go into the city alot and I'm always afraid to eat! Sounds like a great place, I'll have to check it out. Thank you.

Robert said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this place. I went on Saturday night and both the service and the food were excellent. We also got the complementary dessert wine and it was fantastic!

Erin: It's definitely big enough for a meetup.

David Marc Fischer said...

Thanks, everyone, for the positive feedback--much appreciated! Erin, I've sent you a private email about the meetup angle--and thanks for the "heads up" about the reopening.