Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Congratulations to Outback Queens Boulevard for having zero health violation points at its last inspection! Sambuca? Well, let's hope the family-style Italian restaurant does better the next time around.

Here is a list of New York City restaurant inspection scores for GFRAP-approved restaraunts and GIG-approved Outbacks, including dates of inspection. The lower the score, the better the inspection, with a score of 28 or higher constituting a failing grade.

I couldn't find inspection listings for Peters' and Bloom's (closed due to fire); so, with those eateries qualifying as unknowns, all the restaurants but Sambuca passed inspection.

For some perspective: In January, fancy restaurant Per Se scored a 22; in February, popular Artepasta scored a 52. For details about all of this and the most up-to-date results, check Restaurant Inspection Information at The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
00 03/16/2005 Outback Steakhouse Queens Blvd. (Queens)
08 02/01/2006 Bistango Restaurant (Manhattan)
08 01/11/2006 Asia de Cuba (Manhattan)
09 05/26/2005 Outback Steakhouse Third Ave. (Manhattan)
12 01/19/2006 Tropica Bar & Seafood House (Manhattan)
15 01/25/2006 Lumi Restaurant (Manhattan)
16 04/12/2005 Outback Steakhouse Bell Blvd. (Queens)
17 10/13/2004 Outback Steakhouse Bay Ridge (Brooklyn)
18 01/01/2006 Outback Steakhouse Chelsea (Manhattan)
22 01/24/2006 Candle 79 (Manhattan)
27 06/13/2005 Risotteria (Manhattan)
34 02/13/2006 Sambuca Restaurant (Manhattan)
GFRAP restaurants in New York City are listed here. Outbacks can be found here.

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