Thursday, March 23, 2006


What a bummer to wake up this morning and learn that the Happy Happy Happy bakery is winding down its operations!

Here's the current status of the bakery:
The retail store is closed.

The web business will be operational from March 25-April 24, 2006.

Retail store gift certificates will be honored until June 18, 2006.

Wedding cake and catering orders will be fulfilled through July 2, 2006.
So why is Happy Happy Happy closing? This web page offers some details, but here's the short answer:
The current market for high-quality fresh-baked gluten-free dairy-free desserts is not yet large enough to sustain a medium-sized baking facility in New York City.
Business seems to have been good, but the cost of a planned expansion would not have been supported by the expected increase in business without the bakery making compromises that it did not want to make.

There's a chance that the bakery will figure out a way to resume operations at some point in the future. Let's hope that it'll return and be better better better than ever!

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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