Sunday, March 19, 2006

Passover is a strange holiday in some ways. For centuries, Jewish kids have recited something called The Four Questions, but it's actually one question followed by four answers. Go figure.

Of course, if you get a bunch of celiacs around a seder table, there are bound to be more questions. One would be "Who makes a good gluten-free matzoh ball mix?"

Year after year, I've heard the same answer: Lieber's. I haven't tried Lieber's Knaidel Mix myself, but I look forward to doing so eventually.

You might be able to find Lieber's Knaidel Mix in stores that sell kosher foods. It might also be available via and The Dietary Shoppe.

Good luck!

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~M said...

Do you need the mix to be kosher l'Pesach (kosher for passover)? If not, I've heard that the dry gluten-free bread crumbs (usually make out of rice) or a gf cream of rice type cereal work great as a matzo meal substitutes.