Thursday, July 12, 2007


I recently read that July is American Beer Month, so I guess it's fitting that, just days ago, I followed a screening of the excellent French crime thriller Le Doulos with a Redbridge at the Peculier Pub. The bartender didn't quite recognize the name, but she managed to find me a bottle anyway.

Meanwhile, it seems that I blinked and missed Sprecher's Shakparo Ale (right) before it sold out at Park Slope's Bierkraft (where, distribution willing, it could well return), and that Mbege Ale, the Wisconsin brewer's other African-style offering, has yet to arrive in the Big Apple. I'm very curious about Mbege, which is made with bananas! (Scroll down here for more info.)

And even though Green's beer originates in Belgium, I'll also take this opportunity share the good news that it seems to be on the way to New York City, though its arrival date is uncertain. As you might recall, I've already praised Green's Discovery, which friends brought back from England. Now, in line with this Beer Advocate report, it looks like Discovery has arrived in North America, along with Green's Endeavour Dubbel Ale ("a hint of dark-sugar and toffee flavor, with a traditional Belgian yeast bouquet") and Quest Tripel ("fairly light body for beer of this strength; a spice and herb nose, with flavors of candied fruit. Aromatic, long finish"). Bring on the flavor!

BREAKING! I just learned that several cases of Mbege are making their way to Bierkraft.

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