Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Cone by Glutano.

Ice cream by Edy's.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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nancy said...

hi! i'm new to your blog, but wanted to get the word out about a bar in Astoria now serving Dragon Gold GF beer!

it's called Sunswick 35/35, and it's on the corner of 35th ave and 35th street (5 min walk from the 36 ave N or W stop).

it's a great neighborhood place, and while they don't have a GF menu, they're very amenable to questins, substitutions, and omissions. they marinate their chicken in garlic and oil only (no soy sauce), and they'll happily prepare you burgers and sandwiches with no bread.

thanks for letting me post this - i've been gf for a year, and they've been great. they also serve wine and liquor. check it out!