Monday, July 16, 2007


I recently visited Sweet Karma on Long Island. At this small East Meadow bakery, just south of Hempstead Turnpike, I found two gluten-free dome-shaped confections: Cappuccino Commotion and a Dark Chocolate Mousse. Under the bakership of Brian Fishman, Sweet Karma prepares other items with gluten, but Brian assured me that these items were whipped up first after a thorough cleaning. Some were in the middle of a display case with non-GF food, but I was able to purchase four frozen (discounted from the $3.75/dome price) and enjoy them later, after they had thawed and become creamy and fluffy and delicate as well guessed it...sweet!

Sweet Karma also sells Joan's bagels and English muffins and hopes to expand and perhaps move at a future date. It's currently at 550 East Meadow Avenue (516-794-4478).

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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