Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Take heart, gluten-free foodies, including those of the diabetic persuasion! There was a marked increase in gluten-free items at this year's Fancy Food Show in Manhattan, according to Dianne Weisberger of the well-liked Staten Island health food store Fit Foods (23 Nelson Ave, Staten Island, NY, 718-966-4444). And some of the fancy foods-in-the-making promise to be suitable for people with diabetes as well as celiac disease.

Staff writer Maura Grunlund quotes Weisberger in today's Staten Island Advance article "Increase in healthful foods featured at Fancy Food Show," which refers to gluten-free foods from several vendors including Bone Suckin', New England Herbal Foods, and Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate.

What really grabbed my attention was the mention of a gluten-free cupcake and other baked goodies from Aunt Gussie's Cookies & Crackers, which currently does not market gluten-free food. However, I just spoke with Marilyn Caine, Aunt Gussie's founder, who told me that a new line of gluten-free products was in preparation at a separate facility, and that some of them would be sweetened with the natural sugar alcohol xylitol. She fielded my trick question about whether any of her "gluten-free" foods will contain spelt (they won't) and sounded very excited about meeting the needs of people on special diets.

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