Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Wow! I finally tried out a bottle of Green's Discovery--a gluten-free brew made in Belgium but marketed in the United Kingdom--and I'm thrilled!

Due to my own efforts and the amazing helpfulness of globetrotting friends, I've tried seven gluten-free beers so far. This is the first that's a dark beer, with a thick head and a hearty flavor. As the Gluten Free Beer Festival people put it, it has a "Hazy brown appearance," "Very discreet appley aromas," and "Slight fruit flavours becoming increasingly bitter."

Now I'm really curious about Green's Explorer, the gluten-free stout that won a blue ribbon at the beer festival.

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Amanda said...

I have just tried both the Amber and Dark and I am so so so so happy - they are both solid, pour right and have great color and taste! I am half-Belgian and it was a serious disappointment (to me and my family) when I was first informed that I had celiac disease. Now I can finally have a Belgian beer when I want one. Really awesome. I can't wait for more to start being produced.