Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Now, about that International Celiac Disease Symposium....

Just kidding.

A woman on the International Celiac Mailing List recently compiled a list of her favorite blogs. Gluten-Free NYC wasn't on it! And neither was I Am Gluten Free! Oh well--no accounting for taste! Sob.

I won't vouch for all of her recommended blogs--one of them actually claims that strawberries don't belong on a wheat-free diet! But among the links that she did post was one for Cooking Cute: a bento blog. Bento is, typically, a Japanese box lunch; the blog's proprietress, Ngoc started cooking gluten-free in July 2006 in order to help out her husband. So let's hear it for Ngoc, who's coming through for her spouse by being informed about the diet and coming up with some very attractive gluten-free bento meals, including a cute Totoro! (What's a Totoro? Click here and here.)

And there was Food, cooking, eating, and me, which includes a gluten-free cocktail recipe. Many, many cocktails are gluten-free, but what the heck--the more the merrier! Provided you drink responsibly, of course.

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