Thursday, November 20, 2008

Help for the Gluten-Free Displaced by SoCal Fires

From Maryrose Hopke of the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF):
If you have celiac disease and have been displaced from your home by the recent fires in the Southern California area and are in need of assistance in finding gluten-free foods, please contact CDF at 818-990-2354. We're
here to help!


Erin S. said...

David, I remember you posted something like this last year during the San Diego wildfires. I was out there at the time so I witnessed the devastation. Thank you for posting again.

Ashley Berger said...

Out of curiosity, have any GF people who have been effected by the fires contacted the CDF? are there any figure on this?

David Marc Fischer said...

Thanks, Erin!

Ashley, I think the CDF would be the best source for that kind of info.