Sunday, October 21, 2007


Perhaps you remember that Starbucks test-marketed gluten-free brownies in New York City earlier this year.

Now there's an update: In today's Clan Thompson newsletter (Issue #115/October 21, 2007), Lani Thompson writes that Starbucks is curious as to how many people want the stores to offer gluten free products.

I called Starbucks (1-800-235-2883), pressed 0 for a customer service representative, and let my opinion be heard.

I said that it would be great if Starbucks would add healthy gluten-free items (such as sandwiches) to its roster of foods, and described how great it would be to be able to get a light gluten-free meal at any Starbucks. I specifically mentioned the difficulty of trying to find gluten-free food at airports, where Starbucks can often be found.

Please consider calling Starbucks to let your own voice be heard. You might even get a Starbucks gift card in the process.

And now, just to underscore how great it would be to find gluten-free sustenance at an airport, here's a scene of desperation from a terminal in Atlanta.

Source (00:43)

Fortunately, Anj managed to scrounge up more gluten-free food and enjoy it near a player piano! But still...wouldn't it be nice if she could count on getting a complete meal at a Starbucks?

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Photo: David Marc Fischer

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Matt said...


Just wanted to amend the posting by adding that Starbucks is open until 6 PM PST weekdays and 3 PM PST weekends. I tried calling at 9 EST when my cell minutes are free, and missed 'em.