Monday, October 29, 2007


When I first went gluten-free, there was basically one gluten-free pasta to be found at supermarkets. It was made from corn and it was pretty awful—fragile and mealy.

Things continue to look up. At my local Food Emporium I can find relatively protein-rich Bionaturae gluten-free pastas, which are made with rice, potato, and soy...

...and I can also find Notta Pasta. I've had a soft spot for this Thai-made rice pasta (especially the broader varieties) since I spotted it at an Upper East Side health food store. It cooks fast (which makes it convenient and a good choice for cooking in hot weather) and has a slightly chewy consistency that's somewhat similar to that of cellophane noodles. It's not quite a substitute for traditional pastas, but it has its own noodle-y merits.

Photos: David Marc Fischer

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