Sunday, October 14, 2007


The People's Design Award (henceforth known here as PDA) welcomes your vote for good design by 6 pm EST on October 16, 2007.

I'm such a great admirer of Debbie Glasserman's Gluten-Free Alphabet design (pictured) for my Gluten-Free NYC Boutique that I've nominated it in a shameless Display of Public Affection (henceforth known here as PDA too).

So far it seems to be the only gluten-free design in the competition. If you like it, please go ahead and indulge in your own Public Display of Affection—the design is up against such heavy-hitters as the iPhone and the Vaughan S-2 Split-head Hammer!

You can find the design, comment on it, and vote for it by searching for the word gluten.

As of about 10:22 pm Sunday, the Gluten-Free Alphabet seems to be 109 in a field of 290—not bad considering it's late entry? And there's still time to put in some more votes and/or comments....

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