Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Gluten-free people who have been displaced due to the recent fires in Southern California can call the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) at 818-990-2354 for emergency gluten-free food, according to Maryrose Hopke of the CDF.

Do what you can to spread the word to those who are displaced and might not have easy access to the Web, phones, etc.

How prepared would you be in the event of an emergency? Here the New York City Office of Emergency Management on the glories of a Go Bag. I like the idea of using a bag with wheels; gf multi-vitamins seem to make sense, too.

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Erin S. said...

David, I just got back from San Diego and I was actually thinking about this when I saw the people being evacuated to Qualcomm Stadium on tv. All of the foods the camera panned over were something that us Celiacs couldn't eat, including donated pizzas, bagels, muffins, etc. I am wondering how you got this information, I think it is really important. It would be great if there was an emergency number for those with Celiac to call in a time of need. Thanks for sharing