Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long Island Vendor Fair 2009

I just thought I'd post this reminder about the Long Island Vendor Fair 2009, the fundraiser to be held this Sunday in Hauppauge. To make the most of the experience, bring cash and coolers to carry away frozen goods. Um...and get there early to have the greatest choice "while supplies last." And, uh, pace yourself with those samples—taste them to keep yourself from getting stuffed too fast.

If it's anything like the 2007 fair, you can expect cannolis, gourmet chocolates, and outstanding rolls and bagels and English muffins.

Here's an updated version of my Long Island Vendor Fair map from the last vendor fair, back in '07.

And in case you're interested, my map of Gluten-Free NYC is here—it's one of the Top 100 Map Builder maps!

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