Wednesday, March 25, 2009

General Mills Expands GF Chex List!

As has been noted elsewhere, General Mills is in the process of adding more Chex cereals to its gluten-free product list. As always, be careful to check your Chex to make sure the label clearly identifies it as GLUTEN FREE and the ingredient list does not mention the dreaded barley malt.

On a recent visit to a Food Emporium in Midtown West, I found gluten-free Honey Nut Cheerios Chex (above, in case you didn't notice) and gluten-free Corn Chex...

 addition to gluten-free Rice Chex! General Mills is offering a great example of how sugar and/or molasses can replace the sacred barley malt to make popular products gluten-free. Its Chex cereals are fortified, so you can get a load of vitamins from them, though you might want to take note that the cereals aren't very high in fiber and protein.

And you thought I only shopped on Long Island!


Martha said...

I love Honey Nut Chex! And I love rice Chex too, with bananas and raisins on top.

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The guy is definitely right, and there's no question.