Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Gluten-Free Baked Goodie at Risotteria

If you Google "gluten-free bakery manhattan" there's a good chance you'll get hits for Babycakes NYC, the Lower East Side bakery that advertises various gluten-free goodies in addition to various bakery items that are not gluten-free due to the use of spelt.

What doesn't Google up as readily is Risotteria, in the West Village. But you shouldn't count out this restaurant when searching Manhattan for gluten-free cupcakes, cookies and other bakery items. Risotteria, which was one of the first restaurants on the Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP), offers cupcakes, carrot cake, pies, cookies and other yummy bakery treats in addition to its famous breadsticks.

A Black & White cookie was a recent Risotteria addition; more recently, I've noticed an "Orio Cakester" added to the bakery counter. A "creme sandwich" made with two discs of chocolate cake, the Orio has a taste and texture similar to a Devil Dog, even though the shape is not the same. Or so I thought when I ate my first Orio last night. When I had the second one today (there are two per pack) I thought it was more like a marriage between a Devil Dog and an Ore...well, let's say a Hydrox cookie.

On the right you can see an intact Orio (above) and a cross-section of said Orio (below). In case you're interested, it's the one that I ate today.

PS I forgot to mention that Risotteria and Babycakes NYC will be among those supplying desserts at next Thursday's (affordable) modern dance fundraiser at City Center!

Photos: David Marc Fischer


Melissa said...

my husband took me to risotteria last year for my 1st GF birthday and it was such a treat! in addition to these yummy cookies, the breadsticks are soo delicious and i even purchased some of the bread crumbs to take home and use in my own GF recipes! they made a huge delicious chocolate cake for me which was so good i forgot what real cake tasted like! it gets crowded, but totally worth the wait! lunchtime is a quicker seating for sure if you can get there!

Erin S. said...

Although obviously a pizza place, I would like to mention Mozzarelli's as another bakery option in NYC. They now have over 30 kinds of gluten-free cookies as well as many different gluten-free cake options available each days.

They too will have samples at the modern dance fundraiser on Thursday.

Rumor has it that they also have gluten-free fig newtons in the works.

Ellen said...

When I was a kid my Mom used to put "Kim Jims" in my lunch box and that is what they looked like. The cream in the middle was way more sugary than devil dogs. The Amish have a chemical free version called "whoopie pie."

David Marc Fischer said...

Kim Jim, eh?

When I saw you were commenting, I thought you might mention Tuttoriso, which also offers yummy baked goods (including breads)--but it's in Staten Island, not Manhattan. And of course Everybody Eats operates out of Brooklyn--weekday pickups should be arranged but there are walk-in hours on Saturdays from 10-5. I'm too lazy to link at the moment, but these places can be found by searching this blog or by Googling.