Monday, April 28, 2008


As you might have read elsewhere, General Mills is now producing its popular Rice Chex cereal gluten-free, replacing barley malt syrup with molasses (and possibly saving money by avoiding rising barley prices that might make gf beer prices look a lot more reasonable). General Mills, which is now a sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), even has a web page with gluten-free Rice Chex recipes.

Some old boxes of Rice Chex might still be on sale, so make sure that your Rice Chex cereal comes in a box clearly labeled "Gluten Free" on the front.

One of the benefits of Rice Chex cereal—besides its tastiness and widespread availability—is its nutritional content. Unlike many gluten-free cold cereals(but not all—see Perky O's), Rice Chex contains many vitamins and minerals due to fortification. It does not, however, contain a significant level of dietary fiber. And a single serving includes only 2g of protein. So you might want to supplement Rice Chex cereal (and other cereals) with foods that can round out its nutritional content.

In a very brief survey of local markets, I found the price of Rice Chex cereal to be somewhat varied. Coupons can make the purchase easier to swallow.


Erin S. said...

Did you try them yet? I like Rice Crunch'Ems better but they no longer say gluten-free on the box. If anything, it is nice to walk into any mainstream grocery store and see gluten-free clearly on the front of the box.

Liz said...

This is the best news I have heard in a while. I LOVE Rice Chex. I always check the boxes when I go into the supermarket to see if their ingredients have changed. I'm going to go tomorrow and see if the gluten free boxes are in stock yet!

Lisa said...

These are not gluten-free. Many of the celiacs on websites like discuss gettting sick from them. (They're sort of gluten-free--it will take two or three days of eating them for breakfast, but most people start to have a reaction.)

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