Wednesday, April 02, 2008


For the record: The intro for David Letterman on April 1, 2008 called him "wheat and gluten-free."

Back in '06 Letterman made a similar reference.

Hard to tell if Letterman's serious...but he has seemed edgy around bread in the past. And around Martha Stewart, too.

Source (1:34)


Mondschein said...

I knew she was a vampire!

CeliacChick said...

Do you think it was supposed to be funny? Like an April Fool's thing? Then again, maybe he isn't making fun of us, but if he has it is sort of making fun of himself, "oh, great! I'm one of those high maintenance gluten-free people now that everyone thinks is a head case!" I joke with waiters sometimes like that..."I'm not TRYING to be high maintenance..."

David Marc Fischer said...

Without having more information, I think it's supposed to be funny in an "off the wall" kind of way, like calling him "aerosol free" might be.