Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Starbucks started off as a well-loved local coffeehouse in Seattle and went on to become an international java behemoth, but I think there's still a lovable inner Starbucks somewhere in there—and I think that lovable inner Starbucks wants to do something to please the gluten-free masses.

As you might recall, Starbucks test-marketed a gluten-free brownie in New York City a year ago, and then, in October, seemed sincerely interested in offering gluten-free food.

Now Starbucks is again showing interest in offering gluten-free food. The company is soliciting input at its My Starbucks Idea website. So far there have been 130 comments on the subject, including this cue from a Starbucks Idea Partner:
Hi Gluten-Free Enthusiasts!

I am a Starbucks Idea Partner in Seattle and work on a team dedicated to bringing decicious[sic], healthy food and beverages to Starbucks.

Thank you for all of your comments - we hear you loud and clear!

To dive a little deeper...

What KINDS of foods would you most like to see? NOT brand names, just types of foods....

What kind of LUNCH ITEMS?
What kind of SNACKS?
What kind of BAKED ITEMS?

Looking forward to your responses!
So if you've got a suggestion, let Starbucks know! This could result in your being able to eat safely in more than 15,000 Starbucks stores in more than 40 countries!

Thanks to Celiac Chick Kelly for the lead.

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