Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chefs Speak Out in Time Out New York

The Time Out New York "Kitchen report 2008" (October 30-November 5, 2008) offers some insights into the mindset of 40 Big Apple chefs.

One question was
What’s the worst thing about New York restaurantgoers?
The biggest complaint from chefs is that New Yorkers are too discerning, too picky and too bitchy. Some put it politely: "They’re very demanding, they really know what they want. They’re really knowledgeable and have high expectations." Some cut to the chase and called you "elitist and high maintenance." One particularly pissed-off chef hates it when you order sauce on the side.
What customer "faux pas" pisses off the chefs the most? Answers included "Saying they are allergic to something when they’re not." and "Bad tipping and impatience if the restaurant is busy and slammed." One chef also suggested that "If you can’t tip 15 to 20 percent, don’t go out to eat. Everyone is in a financial crisis, and I’m tired of listening to my servers complain."

And then there's "Are your vegetarian dishes truly vegetarian?" Eight percent said "yes" but one chef said "Yes. Well, we use chicken stock, but no one can tell the difference."

So be honest, not too demanding, and generous with your tipping. And wary.

Here's a glimpse at the food prep process.

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