Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuttoriso covered in Staten Island Advance

Staten Island Advance reporter Pamela Silvestri writes up the GFRAP restaurant Tuttoriso in her September 18, 2008 article "Defloured."

Silvestri writes, "It is important to recognize the importance of Tuttoriso for Staten Islanders, particularly those who suffer from specific carbohydrate, milk protein or wheat allergies. Most importantly, this is one of the few Staten Island restaurants where significant items -- breads and a respectable variety of baked goods -- are being made from scratch. Without a doubt, this vertical control over ingredients helps indemnify a business geared to those with food allergies."

Silvestri praises the baked goods and home cooking as well as the restaurant's efforts to cater to people on special diets, but she also notes slow service (somewhat understandable considering the home cooking) as well as the lack of complimentary "welcoming" appetizers (an absence certainly not unique to this GFRAP restaurant).

I can see where Silvestri's coming from, but I'd like to stress just how good the gluten-free sandwiches, desserts, and drinks can be. (I'm still making my way through the menu, so I'm not yet ready to pass judgment on many other offerings at Tuttoriso.) If you haven't yet sampled the restaurant's breads and baked treats, I urge you to make the journey to Tuttoriso and give them a try—especially while the weather is still pretty good. Only a short walk from the ferry landing, Tuttoriso is a great destination for gluten-free day-trippers, date-trippers, and tourists as well as commuters ferrying between Staten Island and Manhattan. Kerrie at Gluten-Free in the Shaolin goes so far as to call the restaurant a "gift."

Photo: David Marc Fischer


Kerrie aka GFShaolin said...

It really is a gift to us Staten Islanders. Helen has opened her doors to all of us who are on restricted diets. She takes your requests and experiments them until she can perfect them for the public. At our support group meetings, she tests a variety of recipes on favorite has been her carrot cake muffins. I hated carrot cake (pre-gf) until I had hers!

Anonymous said...

I have also been to Tuttoriso. Although there is some truth to the admonition, "don't go there in a hurry", there is a sweetness and a sincerity to the service that supercedes the pace. The food is worth the wait. You're on SI, you've already had a ferry ride...why not shift the gears a bit and enjoy without rushing. I would recommend going there with an open mind to the experience. The owners really do care about what they serve you. This is a far cry from some of the other restaurants I've been to lately, who have made comments such as "don't come asking for GF [safe] food when we're busy". As far as I know, the chef/owner of TuttoRiso is a celiac. Free parking too. Go. Heidi /NYC