Sunday, May 25, 2008


The Staten Island restaurant Tuttoriso joined GFRAP last year on the advanced level, which means that, like Lilli and Loo, it has made an extra investment to assure all that its gluten-free menu is indeed gluten-free. Pictured above is Tuttoriso's delicious Italian hero, which I recently enjoyed with an ice cream soda and some "homemade" baked goodies to go. Among Tuttoriso's strong points are its bakery offerings: breads, cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. You can drop in for a meal, but you can also drop in for something simpler, like a drink or snack.

Another one of Tuttoriso's strong points is its location. A short walk from the ferry terminal as well as Richmond County Bank Ballpark, home of the Staten Island Yankees, the restaurant is very convenient for downtown Staten Islanders as well as commuters and other ferry travelers—especially during the warm weather months.

Have you ever taken the Staten Island Ferry? Currently free, it's a classic "cheap date" of New York City.

You board the ferry in downtown Manhattan. (If you take the 1 train, make sure you're in one of the front cars at the South Ferry stop.)

On one side of the ferry you can get a great view of the bridges connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. On the other side, you can get a view of this charming old lady. Even at her advanced age, she's especially photogenic in the morning.

After about 25 minutes, the ferry arrives in Staten Island. There's something very sexy about the way the ferry makes its landing.

To get to Tuttoriso, you can leave the ferry terminal to the south and take a right on Richmond Terrace; the restaurant will be on the left. You can get out of the ferry terminal by foot...

...or I guess you could take a bus one stop. They're timed to receive ferry passengers.

Here is the Tuttoriso storefront...

...and here's a funky mural on the inside!

Did I mention that potato salad is on the menu?

Here's my favorite Tuttoriso cake so far.

If you have to wait for the ferry to Manhattan, you can enjoy the beautiful fish tanks in the Staten Island terminal.

Tuttoriso owner Helen also hosts the Staten Island Celiac Organization at the restaurant. The next meeting takes place on June 12. Helen also plans to fill out the restaurant's schedule with an assortment of other special events—I believe gluten-free karaoke might be a possibility!


ELLEN said...

Oh how does she make such wonderful bread??? And Tuttoriso'c chocolate cakes are heaven sent! My last two tries at chocolate cake ended up much flatter only moments after coming out of the oven - I will just have to visit Tuttoriso more often. AND they deliver.

Catherine said...

Wow, a gluten-free hero??? I really need to get on the ferry....


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