Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last month, cookbook author Connie Sarros shared survey results gleaned from 589 respondents in a variety of locations. The survey doesn't strike me as very formal or scientific, but I still think something can be gained by considering the results.

Asked what is the most difficult thing about being celiac, the biggest plurality weighed in with eating out (105). Runner-up responses were eating at friends' homes (24) and gluten-free foods have a bad taste (20).

The most difficult situation: eating out at restaurants (109) followed by weddings and events where there are set menus (35) and those darn business meetings (25).

Non-sushi eaters (223) outnumbered sushi eaters (106). (Too bad, I think, as sushi can make eating out a lot easier—as can GFRAP.)

People trying to lose weight (239) outnumbered people trying to gain weight (75) and those lucky people who are happy with their weight (155). Exercisers (293) outnumbered non-exercisers (194).

Post-diagnosis, the most help came from
Internet - 173
Support group - 94
Family member - 51
Doctor - 27
Other - 23
Dietitian - 19
Friend - 19
Nutritionist - 3
I didn't get any help - 1
A question about the top two benefits of being in a support group resulted in the following responses:
We all share information, tips and advice - 71
I don't feel so alone - 29
I get personal support and talk about my symptoms and challenges - 29
We share recipes - 28
We get up to date product information - 27
I feel I am helping others - 21
I go for the social contact - 19
I go because we have vendors and I can buy products and taste free samples - 18
I get the latest medical information about celiac disease - 16
I go because we have speakers regularly - 14
Find out where to buy gluten-free foods locally - 3
I love the support group newsletters and e-mails - 11
Find out which local restaurants are serving gluten-free food - 12
Find out the current food laws - 2
I'm too shy to go to a meeting - 1
Asked if their extended families really understood the gluten-free diet, respondents weighed in as follows:
Yes - 57
Most - 55
Some - 79
Very few - 16
No - 48
Regarding how respondents really feel about the diet, the top answers were positive
62 My body feels so much better. The diet is better than being sick.
38 I am at peace with the diet
33 The whole family is eating so much healthier now
until the fourth place response:
24 Resentful, this diet stinks!
Favorite pre-packaged breads were...None, they all taste terrible! (82). After that came Whole Foods (41) and Kinnikinnick White Sandwich Bread (38) and Local Gluten-Free Bakery (27).

The favorite packaged cake mixes came from the Gluten-Free Pantry (142), followed by Namaste (95) and Pamela's (57).

Connie's new survey can be filled out here.

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