Friday, July 11, 2008


Michael Thorn of the Suffolk County Celiacs recently announced the date of the third Long Island Vendor Fair: Sunday, April 16, 2009! The first and second editions were great, so mark those calendars, okay?

In the meantime, please be advised that veteran vendor Joan of Joan's GF Great Bakes (JGFGB) is slotted to appear at the Health Nuts in Bayside (211-35 26th Avenue) this Sunday, July 13, 2008 [from about Noon 'til 5].

A tip if you go to Bayside: Make sure you have the address! Don't do what I did on the day of the JGFGB grand opening in Bellmore: I drove there without the address and desperately prowled the streets of Bellmore until blogger, New York City Celiac Disease Meetup Group (NYCCDMG) organizer, and homegirl Erin phoned and navigated me in.

Here she is with Joan's son Howie. In Howie's other hand is one of Joan's gluten-free faux flying saucers, made especially for this fun occasion.

Here's Howie with Joan herself!

Here's a cookie platter featuring Joan's gluten-free graham and chocolate chip and cow cookies. Don't be deceived by the looks of those sweet bovine bites: The cow cookies are dairy-free too!

Not shown: Joan's bountiful bagel buffet, Joan's onion rolls, Joan's pizza, etc., etc. Everything was delicious—and it was good to see the turnout, including such luminaries as NYCCDMG assistant organizers Ben and Liz, celiac awareness pin creator Aileen Markowsky, Nassau support group leader Jim Blank of the CSA's Long Island Chapter (which is having a July 18 meeting that will also feature Joan), and Erin's mom—another homegirl! More photos can be found here.

Photos: David Marc Fischer

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