Thursday, July 17, 2008


Gluten-free (and Kosher) Kozy Shack pudding is the official pudding of Shea Stadium, which makes it a somewhat unusual stadium food option of interest to many gluten-free/wheat-free baseball fans. At a recent rainout, Kozy Shack pudding was available but not as easy to discern as more prominently displayed non-gf items such as Nathan's hot dogs (see top). Whether or not Kozy Shack is now easier to spot, consider yourself informed!

You can score free Kozy Shack samples outside Shea at the following Friday games:
July 25 St. Louis Cardinals
August 22 Houston Astros
September 5 Philadelphia Phillies

And here's how the Texas Rangers won over Mets fans in the pouring rain.

Source (1:11)

Shea photo: David Marc Fischer


Kerrie said...

I always forget about Kozyshack...

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