Thursday, July 03, 2008


For weeks, Maggie at Lilli and Loo has been telling me that its sister restaurant Lili's 57 would be going on the Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP)—and now I see that it is so!

I haven't yet been to Lili's 57, but the gluten-free offerings seem to be about the same as those at Lilli and Loo, which suits me just fine. And talk about location! It's on 7th Avenue, just south of 57th Avenue—right across the avenue from Carnegie Hall! So it's near Central Park and some Broadway shows as well as City Center, the Ziegfeld Theatre, and the Time Warner Building (home of a Whole Foods). And, now that I think about it, it's also close to the excellent Westerly Natural Market health food store. And have I mentioned that it's also not far from MOMA, the American Folk Art Museum, and the present and future sites of the Museum of Art and Design? And it's the first GFRAP restaurant in midtown west??

Anyway, just wanted to share the news as soon as possible. And thank the Phillips family and Maggie and Alfred—as well as the restaurant staffs—for making this commitment.

NOTE Both Lily's 57 and Lilli and Loo have added gluten-free dumplings and satay chicken to their menus. I haven't tried them yet, either, but of course it's great to see the options increasing so often. I can picture the gluten-free menus winding up as thick as phone books!


Mondschein said...

I had heard this was happening. What a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Let this be the first of many GFRAP additions to Hell's Kitchen!

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