Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ready for a sequel to my recent posts Meet the Parents and Diets and Relationships?

Food writer Jean Stevens of New Jersey's Herald News starts her article "Navigating the gluten mine field" (February 27, 2008) by showing how well Jane Grubin accommodates the gluten-free diet of her son-in-law, Ben Cappel. The article covers a lot of gluten-free ground and ends with a glimpse of pizza envy between a Passaic educator and his wife, who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease.

They might pick up some pointers about coping from this accompanying slide show

Stevens also has an overview of "Gluten-free local businesses" and a blog post entitled "Gluten-free in Passaic, Fair Lawn, and beyond!"

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ben cappel said...

Thanks David! Not sure how comfortable I am with the "pied piper" reference...but, it's great to get so much coverage for Celiac issues!