Saturday, February 09, 2008


Curious about the magazine Gluten-Free Living? Editor/Publisher Ann Whelan is offering free sample issues while supplies last. Here's the offer as posted at the international celiac disease mailing list:
The messages about Martha Stewart Living expanding into a specialized area, including food allergies, have been interesting. I've been in the magazine business for much of my career and have the greatest respect for Martha Stewart as a magazine editor and publisher.

I did want to make sure people know that my publication, Gluten-Free Living, is out there and has been for quite some time. We are the only publication that concentrates specifically on, as our name says, Gluten-Free Living. We have built our reputation covering every aspect of the gluten-free life, and we plan to continue doing just that.

Those of you who have subscribed for a while know we started many years ago as an eight-page black and white newsletter and now publish a four-color, national magazine. You also know we have been instrumental in correcting a lot of the misinformation that surrounds the gluten-free diet.

We have done this by seeking information the way a journalist would. We take nothing for granted. There is a saying in the journalism world that goes like this: "If your mother tells you, check it out!" And that's what we have been doing, checking things out relentlessly until we get to the bottom of the issues. Then we explain them to the best of our ability so readers, who still have to make their own decisions, make them with reliable information.

It has been an interesting journey and my primarily gluten-free staff and I have learned a lot along the way. We plan to continue on this specialized road and we are in the process of growing and expanding.

It sounds as if some of you are not familiar with Gluten-Free Living. To correct that, we'd like to offer a free sample issue to those who do not currently subscribe -- as long as supplies last. Send your mailing address to [gfliving2003 at yahoo dot com] and please indicate that you are responding to this message. We will get your sample copy into the mail as quickly as possible.

Best wishes,

Ann Whelan
Gluten-Free Living

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mthorn said...

I have enjoyed my subscription to Gluten Free Living for a number of years. Ann Whelan is a journalist who digs deep to find the science behind issues related to Celiac Disease. I have also heard her speak and she is just as eloquent and information in person.
Every person with CD should subscribe to keep up-to-date with the facts.