Thursday, September 27, 2007


In The Wall Street Journal (September 24, 2007), Beckey Bright's Blog Watch column begins with bird blogs, then segues into blogs having something to do with "Food Allergies." Listed is New York's own Please Don't Pass the Nuts and Vancouver's my kids' allergies as well as Cleveland's Gluten-Free Blog.
This blog by Cleveland-based Mike Eberhart addresses the needs of those who suffer from the digestive disorder called celiac disease and others who just want to maintain a gluten-free diet. Many common foods contain gluten, so those who need to avoid it face many of the same challenges as allergy sufferers.

There are lots of recipes here for gluten-free foods, as well as reviews of gluten-free products and frequent updates on the latest medical news. Mr. Eberhart also encourages readers to share their personal stories and information on products on the blog.
The Gluten-Free Blog recently covered diabetes and blood sugar reduction.

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Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks so much for pointing out that the WSJ Online site noticed my blog. I had no idea til you mentioned it. I find it all rather exciting!