Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I just got my gluten-free hands on the September 17, 2007 Newsweek ($4.95 but widely available in libraries) and saw the hard copy version of Anne Underwood's article, "Waiter, Please Hold the Wheat" (pp. 61-62).

In contrast with the online version, there are three Risotteria photos: a shot of the restaurant's famous gluten-free breadsticks and a shot of its bagged flour and brownie mix as well as the shot of gluten-free beer.

Below the photos, there's a list of six celiac resources:
  • celiaccenter.org (medical resource)
  • celiac.com (general resource)
  • glutenfree.com (product resource)
  • glutenfreerestaurants.org (guide to "celiac-friendly dining")
  • glutenfreegoddess.com (recipes and cooking tips)
  • amazon.com (gluten-free groceries with free shipping for orders over $25)
  • Additional information about the article and other gluten-free resources (on the medical and support end of the spectrum) can be found in my previous post and the CeliacChicks blog.

    cover image: PRNewsFoto/NEWSWEEK

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