Friday, September 28, 2007


The Staten Island restaurant Tuttoriso (36 Richmond Avenue, 866-801-2240) is now on the roster of the Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP)! Thanks to my Staten Island informant Ellen, I've already heard good things about the place, which is conveniently located on the North Shore near the ferry, so I look forward to floating by to give it a try.

Also new on the GFRAP map: Golden Wok, a Chinese restaurant upriver in Ardsley.


Celeste said...

Heys, heys.
That there is my mom's restaurant, Tutto-Riso! :D

I just wanted to say that the website is for the restuarant isn't right, because it's currently under repairs and whatnot. We just can't get rid of that one! :P We'll probably have another one up just as soon as I have some free time from school. :)

Also, thanks for a handy website! I was looking for somewhere GF to eat today, in Chinatown, and you helped muchly! :D

P.S. My mom's food is amazing. (; No jokes. I'd say more, but I just can't speak for her new stuff. This is going to sound pretentious, but I'm so sick of bread! Rice bread is everywhere! It's all over my house!
Ah, please, come take some. :D

ellen said...

How happy am I to have a gluten-free restaurant in my own home boro?? :)Last week I ordered the GF lasagna to-go (some for me & some for non-celiac relatives), while waiting for my meal I watched a happy diner tasting GF bread fresh from the oven, the heavenly sighs, the happy faces - I love this place!