Thursday, September 06, 2007


The key thing to know about eating gluten-free at the 2007 US Open is that people on medical diets are allowed to bring their own victuals. According to the security guidelines, food is allowed "in limited quantities, or for medical, dietary or infant purposes" as long as it is carried into the tennis complex in an appropriate manner. (Backpacks are forbidden, but one single compartment bag not larger than 12"Wx12"Hx16"L is permitted.)

As for getting food from the vendors, you could probably manage to scrape something together. I brought my own edibles when I went to the Open on Tuesday night, and I didn't look very intensely for gluten-free goodies, but I did spot the Sushi Court, which seemed to offer one promising item—the Cucumber Avocado Roll, which I managed to shoot in focus off the posted menu.

As for the main matches I attended, check out my other blog (where, I realize, I neglected to mention Rafael Nadal's kooky slices).

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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