Monday, August 27, 2007


The first time I ever had pumpkin soup was in 1982, soon after I arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on tour with the Long Island Youth Orchestra. My host family welcomed me with a warm, soothing serving in a brown ceramic crock and left me with a memory I've long since associated with comfort and hospitality.

So as part of my effort to observe Seamaiden's blog event in honor of Bette Hagman, I was happy to try out the Gluten-Free Gourmet recipe for Pumpkin Soup. It's one of her simpler early recipes—basically calling for pumpkin, yam, and peanut butter(!)—so that helped, too. I made it even easier by (uncustomarily) taking some short cuts like using canned vegetables...and I think it still came out fine. I probably made a mistep by garnishing with dollops of yogurt instead of going with the suggested sour cream...and I think sour cream would've been more appropriate.

And now that I'm posting about this dish, I see that I didn't follow Seamaiden's guidelines to the letter, either. I didn't bake the soup, and I didn't take a picture of it with one or more flowers in the background. But I did dress it with a smile and googly eyes a la Amy Sedaris, which I hope is also in the spirit of the event.

So here's to Bette Hagman, with comforting thoughts for her loved ones.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

ADDENDUM Because I hadn't baked anything, I didn't feel I was worthy of Erin's lovely "Baked in honor of Bette Hagman" image, but since she was kind enough to urge me to include it anyway, here it is.


Erin S. said...

David, I would say that since you followed a Bette Hagman recipe, that is good enough for me. I haven't put my baking hat on in a while, but hope to do so this weekend. Please consider adding my "baked in memory of" icon to your posting. It's on my blog.

Arfi Binsted said...

Hi David. Looking good pumpkin soup! We all love pumpkin soup and I often make it without cream. My kids are allergic to dairy products and wheat. Nice to discover your blog.