Thursday, August 09, 2007


Ah, chain letters memes! Me? I' a fan?

But sometimes I'm a soft touch, so I guess I'll grudgingly go along with Catherine of A Gluten-Free Guide (who's going along with Seamaiden of Book of Yum) and reveal 8 "random" facts about myself:
1. I can balance a trombone on one finger.

2. I delivered an editorial on Channel 11. And I was awful.

3. I voted for Lloyd Bentsen but declined to shake his hand.

4. I was on a winning adult spelling bee team—but I wasn't the best speller.

5. One of the very first times I ever ate Chinese food was in China (pre-diagnosis).

6. I've played in a brass quintet on a diving platform. (Almost everyone left during intermission.)

7. I received an award for Architectural Merit in a sandwich creation contest celebrating the hundredth anniversary of Carnegie Hall (pre-diagnosis).

8. I will not pass this along.


Catherine said...

I'm anti- chain letter too in general, but this has been surprisingly fun. Thanks for being a good sport. I love your facts.

Michael Thorn said...

Chain letters, bleh but interesting facts get the thumbs up!
But I am disappointed that there were no pics to accompany your trombone balancing, no playing and diving and what a sandwich it must have been!
Who knew you were such an adept blooger and with great embouchure!

Sea said...

Now, was that so bad? You are a bold soul with #8 but I like your style. heheh

-Seamaiden, not QUITE responsible for all this mayhem