Thursday, May 21, 2009

GF Jocks: Sarah Jane Smith

Not very long ago, LPGA golfer Sarah Jane Smith received a diagnosis of celiac disease, went on a gluten-free diet, and saw her game improve. From the LPGA website:
Fortunately, the dietary change has contributed to her success on the course, which has included two runner-up finishes on the 2008 Duramed FUTURES Tour. She now serves as an ambassador for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA)....

"I changed my diet because Celiac disease runs in my family. Earlier this spring, I stopped eating wheat or gluten. I cut out bread and pasta and it's really helped. I feel better on the course and the new diet has given me more energy. It requires a lot of planning, though. You can't just grab a sandwich when you go out on the course. Now, I eat a lot of gluten-free energy bars, fruits and nuts, and rice cakes with wheat-free peanut butter."
Here is a PSA from Sarah and the NFCA, where she is one of the Athletes for Awareness.

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