Monday, February 09, 2009

S'MAC Sale!

15% Off on February 9-12, 2009

Double-plus good news! GFRAP restaurant S'MAC is offering 15% off its menu items Monday through Thursday of this week! And it's opened a takeout/delivery storefront next to its East Village location! The former promotes the latter, which should help speed up the service considerably.

Remember: It doesn't hurt to double-check with the staff to make sure that you've gotten the gluten-free noodles in your order.

Also, GFRAP really really really wants your feedback, positive as well as negative.

Thanks to Erin of the New York City Celiac Disease Meetup Group (NYCCDMG) and Gluten-Free Fun for spreading the news!

Photo: David S'MARC Fischer


Erin S. said...

Hey David, thanks for the shout out! The GFRAP link isn't working. Do you have an updated link? Have you been to S'Mac yet? What did you think?

David Marc Fischer said...

The link should be fixed now. I've been to S'MAC multiple times. I like it, as my write-ups (on this blog) should suggest. I do have some quibbles (of course) having to do with staff awareness and being able to confirm that orders are gluten-free--I hope those aspects will improve.