Friday, February 27, 2009

Passover Product Watch 2009: Knaidel Mix

Perhaps you've noticed the reappearance in Passover foods in area supermarkets.

Matzoh remains forbidden on a gluten-free diet, as it is still (unleavened) wheat, but there are many Passover products that are also wheat-free, or non-gebrokts. Among those products are some real finds, which I hope to cover in the days ahead. Even though supermarkets pre-ordered Passover foods as early as last autumn, there's little harm in asking your grocer about any of the products that might interest you. Perhaps one day more food purveyors will realize that their finer gluten-free Passover products can be marketed year-round.

One Passover product that actually seems to be increasing in availability is Lieber's Knaidel Mix, which I've covered previously in this blog. Basically made with potatoes, these dumplings can be used as alternatives to matzoh balls. Need I say more?

If you're interested, ask for it!


Puzzler said...

Know of a place to mail order this?

David Marc Fischer said...

I Googled a bit and looked up my previous posts. One place you could look is, where I think it's listed as "Kinedel Mix - Non-Gebrokts." Another place I've mentioned is Dietary Shoppe, but I'm not sure if that's around anymore.

It seems to me that the key is finding kosher food suppliers. Even if it doesn't come through immediately, it might come through in the long run.

I hope this is useful--in fact, if you even read this, feel free to let me know with a post!

Gluten Free Steve said...

David - would you be interested in sending me a few boxes through the mail if I reimburse you and pay for shipping? I've not seen these here in Denver and miss matzah ball soup

David Marc Fischer said...

Why not go with and also talk with your favorite neighborhood kosher grocer? This is a year-round product, by the way, so the effort could really pay off. said...

Thanks for this article, really worthwhile material.