Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gluten-Free Oscar Quiz

At least one movie in Oscar contention includes a character who is on a gluten-free diet. Can you name the flick I have in mind?

Find the answer in the comments.


David Marc Fischer said...

In Rachel Getting Married, Rachel's best friend Emma (Anisa George) doesn't eat gluten.

(See page 14 of the script.)

Anonymous said...

hi Thanks for posting. - the script didn't really come up with accessible page numbers. I skimmed a few but didn't see any mention.

I hope that the gluten free character was not portrayed as "hypochondriachal" or "picky" or "weak". That is the only way I have ever seen GF characters portrayed sofar. Make my day and tell me this one's different!! :-)

David Marc Fischer said...

You're welcome!

You should be able to find the reference in the script by using "Find" to find the word "gluten." And of course it can be heard in the movie, which I think is pretty good.

I know what you mean by the way gluten-free people come across in the media; I cover that all the time. In this movie, it's a very minor, incidental thing, just part of the whole wedding weekend experience and far from the biggest issue that comes up.

For what it's worth, I think that one of the more interesting depictions of gf people can be found in the tween flick Sydney White.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I mostly see kids' movies, since I'm a mom. the only mention of a GF character I've ever seen was in "Daddy Day Camp", in which the kid who is GF is spoiled and weak , with a New Age, hovering power mom. It's a cheap shot.