Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Even More on Wellshire Farms, Whole Foods, and Labeling

Here are two more updates related to the revelations regarding substantial levels of gluten that have been found in Wellshire Farms products labeled as gluten-free.
* There's word that the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) facilitated the testing of the products and found that Wellshire Farms seemed unconcerned about the alarming levels of gluten.

* Glutino president Steve Singer issued a statement saying in part that "the Tribune's report [November 21 and November 23, 2008] is a great step forward to making sure we all join this effort to protect Americans and our children living with food allergies."
Regarding the FDA in general:
* Mark Schlosberg and Elanor Starmer of Food & Water Watch declared "Food safety must be a first priority under the new administration. This is one area where individuals should not - and cannot - go it alone" in an Op-Ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle.

* Representative Charles Dingel (D-Michigan) stated that the House Committee on Energy and Commerce "has found that FDA not only failed in its basic mission, but refused to admit its failures and take steps to protect Americans from unsafe food and drugs."

* The FDA attempted to stand up for itself.

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