Tuesday, December 02, 2008

WCBS-TV Covers Gluten-Free Diet

Reporting on the gluten-free diet, Kirstin Cole of WCBS-TV notes that "1 out of every 100 Americans is estimated to be allergic [sic] to wheat gluten" but doesn't point out that the vast majority of them are still in need of diagnosis and treatment. That is an urgent health message that needs to be disseminated.

Instead, her story "Consumer Watch: Gluten-Free ... Fact Or Fiction?" (December 1, 2008) mainly asserts that masses of consumers—she doesn't offer estimates of how many—are fueling a gluten-free marketing boom even though they don't understand what a gluten-free diet can and can't do. Interesting and provocative, sure, but not "news" (as it's been reported elsewhere) and not especially helpful to the sick, undiagnosed millions estimated to be living in the United States.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I caught that story and thought it was a disservice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, although it is true most Gluten-free food will not help you lose weight because all it is is no gluten. They really make people even second guess those of us that have an allergy/disease/intolerance. That is all that we need.ugh