Thursday, August 14, 2008

Update: Amy Yoder Begley

Spoiler Warning: Race results will appear in the comments

Amy Yoder Begley's run in the Olympic Women's 10K is scheduled for tomorrow.

I plan to post the results here as soon as I can after the event takes place (noonish Friday, Eastern time). [Actually now I think it's actually midnightish. Whatever. I'll try to keep you apprised regardless.] [Now I'm back to thinking it's at 10:45am ET today. Still: Whatever.]

In the meantime: Begley has written a couple of new journal entries that touch on her being on a gluten-free diet. On August 12 she wrote
At training camp, I took yesterday afternoon easy. I went for a long walk along the beach. I came upon a temple like structure with a big bell. It was on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful. It made me remember why I run. I use to run for 4 reasons, now I have 3.

1. To see how good I can be. (My goal is to improve every year.)
2. To travel and see new places (experience other cultures)
3. To meet new people

My 4th one use to be: eat new and exciting foods in different places. I use to be an adventurous eater. However, with Celiac that is not possible. Now I carry my own bars and my translation cards that explain what I can eat. The cards also tell about Celiac.
Do you feel that it is impossible to be an adventurous eater if you are on a medical gluten-free diet? I think that it's just a different kind of adventure. You can try new foods and recipes with unusual ingredients, and even travel "off the beaten path" to find gluten-free oases. Plus, there's even a danger factor that makes adventurous eating a real adventure! So really, aren't we lucky?

In Begley's August 14 entry, she describes eating at the Olympic Village cafeteria. As you might recall from my previous post, she eats mainly at the U.S. training camp, where she feels more confident that the food is gluten-free. However....
The cafeteria is a fun place to meet people. I only go in there for bananas, yogurt, and drinks. Bananas are a hot item. They go fast and they only have them out for breakfast. We also have a mini plastic coke bottle key chain that we can swipe at any coke machine in the village to get free drinks. They have coke, coke zero, water, sprite, green tea, orange juice and this yummy orange drink. I drink it for breakfast. It is probably not the best choice because it is probably loaded with sugar.
Here's wishing Begley a great run!


David Marc Fischer said...

Judging from what I see at the moment, it appears that Ethiopia's Tirunesh Dibaba finished first (29:54.66), with Elvan Abeylegesse of Turkey finishing second (29:56.34) and Amy Yoder-Begley's teammate Shalane Flanagan finishing third (30:22.22). At a glance, I think these were very fast times--but I'm not expert on that!

Yoder-Begley's friend and teammates Kara Goucher finished 10th (30:55:16) and Yoder-Begley herself finished 26th (32:38.28) in what appears to be the best run ever by an US Olympian woman open about having celiac disease.

There were 31 starters and 29 finishers in all. The results should be here. Congrats to everyone!

David Marc Fischer said...

Okay: The race was indeed fast, as the winner set a new Olympic record.

And here's an article about Amy Yoder-Begley by Michael Rothstein for Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette (August 9, 2008). It offers some context regarding her accomplishments.