Saturday, August 30, 2008

CYE Summer Camp

Last weekend GFNYC offered a glimpse of the program for gluten-free kids at California's Camp Arroyo. This weekend, let's take a look at this summer's Coeliac Youth of Europe (CYE) camp for young adults.

CYE has convened such camps nearly every summer since 1999, each time in a different country. This year's event, which took place in Finland and involved young people from more than a dozen European nations, included a lecture from pediatric disease celiac specialist Markku Maki in addition to many outdoor activities. I think it'd be great if CYE would agree to host some gluten-free campers from outside of Europe, just to enhance the experience and increase the understanding of celiac disease as a global health issue.

Here is a "welcoming video" for the camp.

Source (7:32)

Here's a video album looking back on the experience.


And here's a brief, multi-lingual "thank you" from the participants.

Source (1:04)

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