Friday, January 04, 2008


Hey—it only took me two months to follow-up on one of my own posts and pay the verē chocolate factory a visit!

First of all, I want to clarify something: If you visit the factory, don't expect to see candies being made. But do expect to inhale the enticing aroma of chocolate as you exit the elevator and see a simple wall display of verē products.

Once you enter the verē production area, there's a table with free samples of yummy and unusual chocolates that are both gluten-free and suitable for diabetics!

On a display rack to the right, by the entrance to the Forbidden Zone where the candies are made, were bags of a new product, chocolate-covered clusters of popcorn and pumpkin seeds with a dash of pepper. Tasty Pumpkorn!

Verē's Factory Fridays, which may expand to other times, provide a great opportunity to sample its unusual and attractively presented candies, which include flavorful "brownies" and ultra-buttery truffles as well as clusters, to name some of the company's other temptations. For diabetics and/or people on gluten-free diets, it's a special pleasure to be able to enjoy a free tasting in a worry-free atmosphere.

Keep verē in mind for Valentine's Day and other special occasions! The factory is at 12 West 27th Street (between 6th Avenue and Broadway), 6th Floor.

Photos: David Marc Fischer

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