Wednesday, January 02, 2008


In recent weeks I spotted Alberto's Sicilian Cookies on sale at Long Island's Dr. B. Well Naturally and managed to taste all four varieties, from Alberto's original powdered Almond Cookies (pictured) to the Chocolate Covered Almond Cookies, White Chocolate Covered Pistachio Cookies and the White Chocolate Covered Espresso Almond Cookies.

Yes, if you're nuts about nuts (as I am), then there's a good chance you'll be nuts (as I am) over these nutty gluten-free cookies, which have a dense, chewy consistency and a mild marzipan-like flavor.

So far I haven't noticed them in NYC, but I do note that they can be ordered online—at least from October through March.


Dawn said...

These cookies are rocking!!! Hands down, it has the best flavor that I've tasted in a cookie in a long time. The texture is outrageous and with the added bonus of how healthy it is for you, I make sure I always have some for the family to enjoy. The only problem I have with them is how hard it is to keep it stocked in my pantry. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! There isn't one flavor you won't like.

Anonymous said...

These cookies are awesome! Every flavor is great! Every one that I introduce Alberto's cookies to falls in love with them. Only thing that would make it better is if they were sold at Whole Foods so I could do al of my grocery shopping in one store.

Anonymous said...

i love love love these cookies. i feel like i am eating such good tasty healthy cookies without guilt!

i would lOVE it if Whole Foods carried them as it's my favorite place to shop and they have such good food. it's really a shame they are not there!

Anonymous said...

I too love those cookies. The only problem is that since the origional post B Well Naturally has stopped carrying these and many other great products. I guess B is NOT SO Well anymore, huh?

Anonymous said...

Really great cookies! .. I discovered them at Balducci's.
But you can buy them through there web site too, They have free shipping in NY & NJ. You would be disappointed.